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    With SmartLife Care, help is as close as your pendant.

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  • Pleasantly discreet: our alarm pendants

    The fall detector pendant automatically sends an alert in the event of a fall – or you activate the alarm by pressing the button.

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  • You select the color: our alarm bracelets

    The range includes white, beige, light green, burgundy, light blue and anthracite.

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  • Genius: for safety throughout your home

    With a large speaker for loud and clear communication in an emergency.

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    For emergency call solutions, Spitex Schweiz puts its trust in SmartLife Care.

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The personal alarm solution from SmartLife Care

We care for you 

With SmartLife Care, you can enjoy your independence while counting on fast help in the event of an emergency. Simply order your device, plug it in and off you go. No complicated installation required! If anything ever happens, you’ll be connected to one of your contact persons or our 24-hour emergency call centre at the press of a button. You simply describe your emergency situation using the integrated hands-free speaker and receive the help you need straight away. Knowing that you’re safe and sound is a good feeling – for your relatives, too.


Here’s how SmartLife Care works

SmartLife Care subscriptions at a glance

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What happens in the event of an emergency? That’s your decision. SmartLife Care offers a total of three subscription models.

Basic subscription

Alerts relatives.

Comfort subscription

Alerts relatives first and then the emergency call center.

Professional subscription

Alerts the emergency call center immediately.

Find the right emergency call system

Get an overview using the following links – or use our solution finder.

Emergency call subscriptions Alarm unit Genius Alarm unit Flex Alarm unit Mini Alarm bracelets
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  • Your emergency call solution

Where should the emergency call system be used?


You like to spend most of your time at home and never leave the house alone.


You like being at home, but go out alone every now and then and would like your location to be transmitted in an emergency.


You lead an active life and often go out alone, and would therefore prefer a small alarm unit that can also transmit your location.


Who should be contacted in an emergency?


You’ll be connected with your first personal contact at the press of a button. If no one picks up, the next of a maximum of 10 contacts is called. The process is repeated up to five times. If no one is reached, an SMS or email is sent to all stored contacts notifying them that an alarm has been triggered.


You’ll be connected with your personal contact at the press of a button. Your alarm unit calls each of your personal contacts in succession. If no one picks up, the 24-hour emergency call centre is then called.


You’ll be connected immediately with our 24-hour emergency call centre at the press of a button. 365 days a year. The call centre will talk to you about what type of help is required. Depending on your wishes, a relative or neighbour can be notified – or professional help provided if necessary. We’ll stay on the line until help arrives.


Please decide whether you would like to buy or rent your device.


The right emergency call solution for you:

Our award-winning alarm bracelets

More about the alarm units

Here's how SmartLife Care works

Choosing alarm units and subscriptions

Choose from three subscriptions, three alarm units and a multitude of accessories to create your personal alarm solution.

In case of emergency: activate the personal alarm pendant

You’ll be connected immediately – with a private contact person or directly with our 24 hour emergency call centre, depending on your subscription.

Speak to the contact person

Tell your private contact person or our emergency call centre what type of help you need.

Get help quickly

Once you’re connected with the emergency call centre, our employee will notify one of your relatives or a neighbour. If you wish – or if you can’t speak – we’ll send professional help to your location.

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