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SmartLife Care: emergency call partner of Spitex Schweiz and Pro Senectute

Alarm buttons by SmartLife Care enable senior citizens to stay in their own home for longer

SmartLife Care has the widest range of alarm buttons, emergency call devices and accessories in the whole of Switzerland. As the only emergency call company in Switzerland, we are active throughout the country. That’s how SmartLife Care has established itself as the most popular emergency call service in Switzerland – and was selected by Spitex and Pro Senectute Schweiz as partner.

Experience has shown that the easy-to-use solutions by SmartLife Care can enable elderly people to stay in their own home for up to three years longer. Worry-free, independent and self-sufficient.

Proven security around the clock

  • Leading Swiss emergency call service with over 25,000 clients

  • Discreet and aesthetically pleasing alarm buttons and alarm watches

  • Developed in Switzerland with a Swiss SIM card

  • Partnerships with Spitex Schweiz, Swisscom and Helvetia

  • 93% our customers recommend us to others

  • For senior citizens, people with chronic illnesses, discharged hospital patients and healthcare services

Better security in just three steps

  • Select emergency call device

    For use at home or on the go (with GPS).

  • Select alarm button

    For triggering the alarm. Available as a wristband, watch or pendant.

  • Complete subscription

    So that relatives or the emergency call centre can be alerted.

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Some of our fancy alarm buttons

    Ellipse alarm bracelet

    Bianco alarm bracelet

    Nero alarm bracelet

    Medallion Azzurro

    Medaillon Marmo

    Emergency Call Watch Serena

    Emergency Call Watch Vito

    Edelweiss alarm bracelet

  • ‘It’s good to know that the call centre can locate my position outdoors in case of emergency.’

    Elisabeth Maria Althauser, 71

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  • ‘I would never have bought the unit myself, but now I’m really pleased I have it.’

    Elisabeth Gerber, 77

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  • ‘SmartLife Care allows me to live as I please while giving me peace of mind’

    Hans Schmid, 75

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  • ‘We have the certainty that someone will always be there for my mother at the press of a button.’

    Marcel Fehr, 52

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  • ‘The device gives me a great sense of security in all sorts of everyday situations.’

    Rita Iselin, 78

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