SmartLife Care: the three building blocks of our emergency call

You just need an emergency call device, an alarm button or emergency call watch and a subscription – then you’re ready to go. A range of accessories is also available.

Building block 1: Emergency call devices

Building block 2: Alarm buttons and watches

  • Bianco alarm bracelet

  • Medallion Azzurro

  • Emergency Call Watch Serena

  • Emergency Call Watch Vito

When you buy the basic equipment for the first time, you benefit from discounted package prices compared to the normal prices published here. You will also receive the Ellipse emergency call wristband free of charge when you purchase the basic equipment. The exact package prices can be found on the device pages of the Mini, Flex, Allegra and Genius.

Building block 3: Our subscriptions


Basic subscription

Alerts relatives.

Comfort subscription

Alerts relatives first and then the emergency call center.

Professional subscription

Alerts the emergency call center immediately.

Your subscription is only fully completed when you have received the emergency call device and then registered it – the monthly prices indicated here are for information only. You can change your subscription at any point after that.

Optional accessories

  • Fall detector pendant

  • Masterlock key lock box

  • Alarm with pullcord

  • Water sensor