• Rita Iselin, 78

    ‘It helps me keep my independence.’

‘The device gives me a great sense of security in all sorts of everyday situations.’

Rita Iselin didn’t consider an emergency call device for many years. In her testimonial, the active 78-year-old shares why she now wears her manual transmitter around the clock, and not only for her daughter’s sake.

‘To be honest, I was rather irritated when my daughter suggested that I get an alarm unit. After all, I’m still very vivacious, love to work in the garden and just generally stay quite active. And if you have one of those emergency alarms, you’re practically branded.

On the other hand, I can understand my daughter’s qualms. I live alone and my low blood pressure can result in brief dizzy spells. I fell down the last time. Fortunately nothing happened. Even so, the incident did inspire me to go to a Swisscom Shop with my daughter and learn more about alarm units.

First the family is alerted

What sold me was that if an alarm is triggered with the Comfort subscription type, I would be connected to my family and be able to tell them what’s going on through the speaker system. If they couldn’t be reached at some point, the emergency call centre would receive my call.

Uncomplicated installation

In terms of the unit, we decided to go with the Genius package with a simple base device and manual transmitter with six coloured shells. My daughter was able to do the installation: because the unit works via the mobile network, it just has to be connected to the power outlet and registered on the internet portal. It’s also easy to enter your contact persons there.

The unit is continually monitored to ensure that it’s working. I do a test myself once a month, so I keep the process fresh in my mind. It’s free, as is an unintentionally triggered alarm.

I wear the manual transmitter around the clock. Initially I thought that it would just collect dust in some drawer. But ultimately the unit helps me retain my independence and gives me a sense of security in all sorts of everyday situations. And it’s not only if I fall – even if there were some stranger at the door, I know that in case of an emergency someone will be there for me at the press of a button.’

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The Genius personal alarm solution with large loudspeaker transmits calls loud and clear. If you wish, you can add sensors to Genius. For example, a splash-proof alarm pendant for the bath, a smoke detector or a stylish alarm medallion.

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