• Marcel Fehr, 52

    ‘It’s not about control, it’s about staying independent longer.’

‘We have the certainty that someone will always be there for my mother at the press of a button.’

Marcel Fehr installed a SmartLife Care device for his mother. And it provides a sense of security not just for her but also for him, says the 52-year-old.

‘In spite of her 81 years, my mother still gets on quite well on her own in the small flat she loves so much. But she doesn’t venture out as much any more, she’s not as stable on her feet as she once was. For me as her only son, the situation was getting increasingly hard to sustain. I live a good three hours away by car and in spite of our daily phone calls, my concerns about my mother were ever present.

So that’s why I got her an alarm unit from SmartLife Care for her birthday. Her enthusiasm, at first, was restrained. I was eventually able to convince her that it wasn’t about control, but about security and her maintaining her independence for as long as possible.

My mother has been using the Genius base unit with a manual transmitter for a few months now. The Professional subscription gives me a particular sense of security. If my mother triggers the alarm, she’s immediately connected with the emergency call centre. Both sides can speak freely with each other and jointly decide on the right course of action. If no major intervention is required, the call centre will notify a good friend of my mother’s who just lives two floors down. In any event, the call centre stays on the line until someone arrives.

Wireless sensors for additional security

I find it extremely practical that various wireless sensors can be integrated in the system. In the bathroom, for example, I installed a splash-proof alarm button with a speaker function about 20 centimetres above the floor. That way my mother can get help if she ever falls down in the bath. And because she likes to do her crossword puzzles almost every evening and light a candle as she does so, I installed an additional smoke alarm as well. It automatically contacts the call centre in case of fire, which then initiates the necessary steps.

Now my mother has learned to appreciate her birthday present after all: the certainty that someone will always be there for her at the press of a button in case of emergency gives her a great deal of independence.’

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