• Elisabeth Maria Althauser, 71

    ‘Safely on the go without a care.’

‘It’s good to know that the call centre can locate my position outdoors in case of emergency.’

Elizabeth Maria Althauser takes her mixed-breed dog Arco for daily walks. In her testimonial, the 71-year-old explains how her Flex alarm unit from SmartLife Care gives her a sense of security.

‘My family’s been trying to talk me into a mobile phone for years. I’m no Luddite, but there’s no way I want to have a mobile phone. I don’t want to have to be reachable at all times. At the same time, I understand my family’s concerns. I’m out and about with my dog Arco for at least two hours a day in any weather, and sometimes on fairly remote trails in the country and the woods.

Of course, it’s also crossed my mind that my calls for help might not be heard if anything happened to me. What if I trip over a root and can’t get up? Then a colleague of mine at the dog school told me about the flexible alarm units from SmartLife Care. I was immediately impressed and called the hotline to learn more. They recommended the complete Flex package, which features a pocket sensor for on the go in addition to the manual transmitter and charging station with a loudspeaker for at home. On my walks with Arco, I simply slip the matchbox-sized device into my jacket pocket or clip it onto my belt. When strolling through the city, I can carry it discreetly in my handbag.

Additional security thanks to the localisation function

For the subscription, I chose the Comfort type. If I trigger an alarm with the pendant, I’m connected with the contact persons I entered when I registered, one after the other. If none of the 10 people pick up, the emergency call centre answers. One way or another, a voice connection is established and I can explain what’s happened. What really puts my family at ease in particular is the GPS localisation feature integrated in the Flex device. If I should ever be unable to describe my problem, the emergency call centre can locate my position outdoors.

I would never have thought that this little device could give me such a sense of security. Knowing that someone will be there for me in the event of an emergency means that I can enjoy my excursions with Arco without a care.’

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Flex – optimal security at home and on the go

Flex is the all-inclusive package. It’s perfect for those who like to stay active but also want the best at home. It combines the mobile alarm unit with a base station and large loudspeaker for at home.

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