• Elisabeth Gerber, 77

    ‘First for the sake of my children, now for me.’

‘I would never have bought the unit myself, but now I’m really pleased I have it.’

Monika Gerber and her brother Peter bought a personal Alarm unit for their mother, Elisabeth Gerber. She wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but after having a fall in her bathroom, she was soon convinced of its merits.

‘My children only want the best for me, I know that. But when they turned up one day with this blue button, I was quite annoyed to begin with. I’m still really independent and live at home alone. I’ve never had any problems in the past,’ explains the 77-year-old.

Cute pendant

I really didn’t think I needed the unit, but I decided to keep hold of it anyway – to give my children peace of mind. Once I’d registered, all I had to do was plug it into the socket and then it was ready to go. When worn as a necklace, the pendant doesn’t actually look that bad. I might even go so far as to say it’s quite pretty. At home I have a practical base unit with a big loudspeaker: I can be heard wherever I am in the house and I can also hear the emergency response centre.

‘La Bohème’ was being shown at my local theatre and I wasn’t going to miss it. I wanted to shower and do some laundry before heading out. The washing machine had just finished and I wanted to quickly hang out my clothes so they would dry while I was out. What I hadn’t noticed while I was showering was that I’d also managed to give the bathroom floor a good soaking. My evening plans were about to take a turn for the worse: I slipped, fell and couldn’t get back up. Fortunately I was wearing my necklace with the personal alarm pendant, which I activated right away. The emergency response centre answered and immediately sent someone to help me out of my unfortunate situation.

Sense of relief and continued independence

I was extremely relieved that everything went so well. As my two children live abroad and I don't have any other relatives in Switzerland, we decided to take out the professional subscription. Now I know that if ever I’m in trouble, someone will respond to my alarm and help me day or night. The operator also stays on the line until help has arrived. This puts Monika and Peter at ease. They don't have to worry anymore; they know that I’m in good hands despite them not being around the corner. I’m pleased they bought me the alarm unit. I would never have bought it myself. It enables me to continue living an independent lifestyle and carry on attending all the events I enjoy.

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Flex – optimal security at home and on the go

Flex is the all-inclusive package. It’s perfect for those who like to stay active but also want the best at home. It combines the mobile alarm unit with a base station and large loudspeaker for at home.

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