SmartLife Care subscriptions at a glance

What happens in the event of an emergency? That’s your decision. SmartLife Care offers a choice of three different subscription models. You can change your subscription at any time.


Basic subscription

Alerts relatives.

Comfort subscription

Alerts relatives first and then the emergency call center.

Professional subscription

Alerts the emergency call center immediately.

  • About the subscriptions models

    Basic subscription: Alerts private contacts.

    With the press of a button, you are connected with your first personal contact. If no one answers, the next of a maximum of 10 contacts is alerted. This is performed up to five times. If no one is reached, every saved contact receives a text message or email that informs them the alarm has been triggered.

    • For individuals with relatives who can quickly and reliably come to their home.
    • For safety reasons, at least three personal contacts need to be indicated.

    Comfort subscription: Alerts private contacts first, then the emergency call center.

    With the press of a button, you are connected with your first personal contact. Your alarm unit then dials the numbers of all your personal contacts, one after another. If no one answers, the 24-hour emergency call center is alerted.

    • For individuals who would prefer to inform their relatives first in an emergency – without giving up the security provided by a professional emergency call center.
    • You are fully cared for: If none of the saved contacts is reached, the emergency call center will contact you.
    • Because one of the saved contacts may not pick up the phone immediately, it can take a few minutes until the emergency call center contacts you.
    • For safety reasons, at least three personal contacts need to be indicated.

    Professional subscription: Alerts the emergency call center immediately.

    With the press of a button, you are immediately connected with our 24-hour emergency call center – 365 days a year. The center will discuss with you the type of help you need. If possible, a relative is informed first – after that, professional assistance is offered if necessary. We stay on the line until help arrives.

    • Ideal for individuals whose relatives do not live nearby or in the area.
    • Immediate assistance from the 24-hour emergency call center.
    • Also ideal if you would like to unburden your relatives, but still want to be certain that you can always reach someone if necessary.
    • For safety reasons, we recommend to indicate at least three personal contacts.
  • The emergency call center: comprehensive professional service around the clock

    This is what happens when the emergency call center is alerted:

    Our emergency call center stands ready 365 days a year, day and night. In an emergency, we immediately take the necessary steps – efficiently, competently and exactly as previously agreed. Our specialists handle more than 120,000 personal emergency calls every year.

    • As soon as we are alerted, a member of our emergency team will contact you in a matter of seconds.
    • We discuss with you the type of help you need.
    • If possible, a relative is informed first and included in the call – after that, we offer professional help if it is required, such as an ambulance or doctor.
    • We also organize help if you are not able to speak.
    • We’ll stay on the line until help arrives.
    • Our customer center can store important information that is required in an emergency, such as a key safe code or information about illnesses or physical limitations that must be considered.

    Our emergency call center is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

  • About our service

    How is an emergency call made to private contacts (Comfort and Basic subscriptions)?

    As soon as a contact person takes the call, the following voice message is played: ‘Emergency call from John Doe (name of customer), please press 5 to confirm.’ The contact person then confirms the call by pressing number 5 on their telephone. As soon as the call has been confirmed, the parties can talk to one another. If a relative does not pick up the call or confirm it, the alarm unit contacts the next contact person. This is performed a maximum of five times.

    With the Flex and Mini alarm units, the contact person also receives the GPS coordinates of the person seeking help. The information is sent as a text message and email within just a few minutes.

    GPS localization with a text message and/or email

    As soon as you press the alarm, contact persons are sent your position as a text message. This applies to the devices with a GPS module and to the Basic and Comfort subscriptions. For the Professional subscription, the emergency call center is able to see your location.

    What happens if an alert is not answered?

    With the Basic subscription, every contact person receives an email/text message informing them that the alert has not been answered. With the Comfort and Professional subscriptions, no alert remains unanswered because the emergency call center picks up.

    Unlimited number of alerts

    You can send an alert as often as you like – and that applies to all subscriptions. Our approach: It’s better to send one alert too many than one too few. Your safety is our priority.

    No minimum contract period

    Subscriptions can be terminated at any time – with a 30-day notice period or immediate termination in the event of death. Subscriptions can be terminated over the telephone, by email or by post.

    If you’re on a tight budget

    Do you receive cantonal Supplementary Benefits (SB)? Then you’ll enjoy a 25% discount on the monthly subscription fee. Simply mention the SB discount when placing your order.

    In cases of dire financial need, we recommend submitting a request for financial support to the Hatt-Bucher-Stiftung. The request can be submitted through Pro Senectute or other social counselling agencies.

  • Swiss quality

    Data in Switzerland

    All your data remains in Switzerland on our own highly secure Servers.

    The best network

    A Swiss SIM card from Swisscom is used in every alarm unit. With Swisscom’s network, you benefit from exceptional performance, reliability and up to 99% network coverage.

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SmartLife Care comprises three components: a reliable emergency call subscription, a professional alarm unit and discreet emergency buttons.