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Mini – for independence on the go

Mini is the mobile alarm unit the size of a matchbox with a GPS localisation function and integrated loudspeaker. You can use the device to trigger the alarm at any time while on the go and establish voice contact – anywhere in Switzerland.

Flex – for optimal security at home and on the go

Flex is the all-inclusive package. It’s perfect for those who like to stay active but also want the best at home. It combines the mobile alarm unit with a base station and large loudspeaker for at home.

Allegra – all-in-one voice-controlled emergency call device and DAB+ radio

An emergency call device that reacts immediately to your voice? Allegra with voice control, built-in DAB+ radio and ambient light makes it possible. For in-home security and entertainment.


Genius – for comprehensive security throughout your home

The Genius personal alarm solution with large loudspeaker transmits calls loud and clear. If you wish, you can add sensors to Genius. For example, a splash-proof alarm pendant for the bath, a smoke detector or a stylish alarm medallion.