Mini – the alarm unit for security on the go

The discreet companion

Mini is the mobile alarm unit the size of a matchbox with a GPS localisation function and integrated loudspeaker and fall sensor. You can use the device to trigger the alarm at any time while on the go and establish voice contact – anywhere in Switzerland.

Your benefits

  • Help at the press of a button
  • GPS module in the mobile emergency call device for precise localisation
  • Integrated fall sensor
  • No local installation necessary
  • Online management of your contacts in the customer centre
  • Money-back guarantee: within 14 days
  • Three-year warranty

New: Installation service

With Smart Experts, an approved private individual takes care of putting your new emergency call device into service in your home. To the installation service.

Mini in detail

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    One-off costs
    Intervention monthly subscription fee
    One-off set-up fee
    Emergency call monthly subscription fee

    Intervention by Securitas

    Your subscription to the intervention service is only fully completed when you have received the emergency call device and registered it. The subscription price indicated here is for guidance only. Intervention costs vary by area. You can find more information on the Services page.

    Commissioning by Smart Experts

    One-off charge of CHF 180.— Smart Experts will send you the bill directly. You can find more information about this service on the Services page.

    * Incl. One-off set-up fee: CHF 129.–

    You decide how much security you need

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    Choose your preferred subscription and decide who should be contacted in an emergency and in what order of priority: relatives, neighbours, friends  or our emergency call centre. Our emergency call centre is available 24/7 and sends the help you need.


    Basic subscription

    Alerts relatives.

    Comfort subscription

    Alerts relatives first and then the emergency call center.

    Professional subscription

    Alerts the emergency call center immediately.

    Your subscription is only fully completed when you have received the emergency call device and then registered it – the monthly prices indicated here are for information only. You can change your subscription at any point after that.

    Mini in detail

    Product description Deliverables Product features / warranty Downloads

    Product description

    The convenient mobile alarm unit is easy to carry anywhere and tuck away discreetly as needed. In case of emergency, it not only establishes contact but also transmits your current location with the integrated GPS function – ensuring that you’ll be located quickly.

    The integrated fall sensor can be activated in the Customer Centre. Any false alarm can be stopped directly using the mini.

    Choose an alarm button with which you can also send off an emergency call if the mobile alarm unit is not in reach. The alarm button is worn comfortably on the wrist like a watch or around the neck like a necklace. The alarm button has a range of 10 - 20 m to the Mini.


    • Mobile emergency call device with integrated loudspeaker, GPS module and charging station
    • Pre-installed SIM card
    • Operating instructions
    • Anti-allergenic textile lanyard with safety clasp
    • Belt clip

    Product features / warranty

    • Automatic transmission of GPS coordinates via email/SMS
    • Search function and remote activation if the device is misplaced
    • Periodic device monitoring every two hours
    • Swisscom NATEL® 4G network
    • Splash-proof plastic casing
    • Dimensions: 70 x 40 x 20 mm
    • Battery: 24-hour charge
    • Range of the alarm buttons: approx. 3 m to 5 m
    • 3-year warranty

    Mini – All accessories at a glance

    All accessories

    Masterlock key lock box

    The key lock box with illuminated combination wheels features a highly robust metal housing and is perfect for storing multiple keys.

    • Configurable 4-digit combination
    • For permanent wall installation (including installation set)
    • Weather-resistant door flap
    • Exterior dimensions (H x W x D) 12.6 x 7.2 x 5.2 cm

    Fall detector pendant

    The pendant for wearing around the neck automatically triggers an alarm in case of a fall. You can also manually activate the alarm by pressing the button.

    • Approx. range 150 to 200 m. for Flex and Genius, 3 to 5 m. for Mini
    • Splash-proof
    • Battery charge: 2 years
    • Dimensions: 58.6 x 42 x 19 mm


    Voice-control model for upgrading the Mini, Flex, Genius and Allegra emergency call devices.

    • Alarm solution activated by alarm button or voice command
    • Battery life: 2 years
    • 230 V power supply
    • Alarm can be triggered via the alarm button or voice command even if Voce is in a different room than the emergency call device. WARNING no two-way communication with the box!

    Adapter for Ellipse alarm bracelet

    The adapter makes it easier for people with a disability to trigger the alarm.

    • Extremely pressure-sensitive pendant
    • Including six shells in the colours white, beige, pale green, Bordeaux, pale blue and anthracite